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    Poster de Haven Cuarta Temporada Subtitulado


    Season 04 , Episode 01 – “Fallout”
    Season 4 picks up six months after the violent meteor storm that pummeled Haven. Unfortunately, the infamous Troubles didn’t disappear with Audrey, who is living under a new identity when she is approached by a mysterious man in need of her assistance.
    Season 04 , Episode 04 – “Lost and Found”
    Duke works with Jennifer to find Audrey, while Nathan and Dwight search for several children who have disappeared under the seemingly most impossible circumstances.
    Season 04 , Episode 06 – “Countdown”
    When people start simultaneously turning hard as stone, Nathan, Duke, and Lexie find themselves in a race against time to find the Troubled person responsible.
    Season 04 , Episode 10 – “The Trouble With Troubles”
    Audrey finds herself in an alternate Haven, one that has never known any Troubles, and is torn about whether she should turn this world back to “normal,” or leave it as is for the sake of her loved ones.


    Serie: Haven 2013
    Temporada: 4 TERMINADA
    Capítulos: 13/13
    Formato: AVI
    Duración: 43 minutos
    Peso: 200mb aprox.
    Idioma: ingles con subtitulos incrustados
    Servidores: Mega, putlocker, sockshare y filecloud
    Haven 4x01 - Fallout
    Haven 4x02 - Survivors
    Haven 4x03 - Bad Blood
    Haven 4x04 - Lost and Found
    Haven 4x05 - The New Girl
    Haven 4x06 - Countdown
    Haven 4x07 - Lay Me Down
    Haven 4x08 - CRUSH
    Haven 4x09 - William
    Haven 4x10 - The Trouble with the Troubles
    Haven 4x11 - Monster's Ball
    Haven 4x12 - When the Bough Breaks
    Haven 4x13 - The Lighthouse



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