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    Poster de The Simpsons Temporada 25 Subtitulado

    In the Season 24 finale, Homer, Moe, Lenny and Carl hit the lottery, but when Carl takes off for Iceland with the winnings, the others set off after him. Meanwhile, Marge unwittingly gets involved with a website for married people seeking affairs, where she meets a charming man (voice of Seth MacFarlane).
    Season 25, Episode 02 – “Treehouse of Horror XXIV”
    “Treehouse of Horror XXIV” kicks off with a tip of the cap to Dr. Seuss, with Homer scaring up trouble around Springfield as “The Fat in the Hat.” In “Dead and Shoulders,” Bart is decapitated in a kite mishap and his head is placed on Lisa’s body, necessitating that the two learn to act as one. With “Freaks No Geeks,” it’s the 1930s and Marge is a trapeze artist and Homer’s the strongman in a traveling circus, where sideshow freak Moe puts the moves on Marge.
    Season 25, Episode 06 – “The Kid Is All Right”
    Lisa’s new best friend turns out to not only be a Republican, but her opponent in their second-grade class election.


    Titulo: The Simpsons Temporada 25 Subtitulado
    Temporada: 25 FINALIZADA
    Capítulos: 22/22
    Formato: AVI
    Idioma: Ingles con subtítulos en español incrustados
    Peso: 110 mb aprox.
    Servidores: MEGA, Putlocker, Sockshare, 4Shared, Filecloud y 1Fichier
    The Simpsons S25E01 Episode 01 – “Dangers on a Train”
    The Simpsons S25E02 “Treehouse of Horror XXIV”
    The Simpsons 25×03 – Four Regrettings And A Funeral
    The Simpsons 25×04 – YOLO
    The Simpsons 25×05 – Labor Pains
    The Simpsons 25×06 – The Kid Is All Right
    The Simpsons 25×07 – Yellow Subterfuge
    The Simpsons 25×08 – White Christmas Blues
    The Simpsons 25×09 – Steal This Episode
    The Simpsons 25×10 – Married To The Blob
    The Simpsons 25×11 – Specs and the City
    The Simpsons 25×12 – Diggs
    The Simpsons 25×13 – The Man Who Grew Too Much
    The Simpsons 25×14 – The Winter of His Content
    The Simpsons 25×15 – The War of Art
    The Simpsons 25×16 – You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee
    The Simpsons 25×17 – Luca$
    The Simpsons 25×18 – Days Of Future Future
    The Simpsons 25×19 – What To Expect When Bart’s
    The Simpsons 25×20 – Brick Like Me
    The Simpsons 25×21 – Pay Pal
    The Simpsons 25×22 – The Yellow Badge of Cowardge


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